Food 4 All




Giving Food to the pilgrims. Without knowing them, giving them food is way to make them happy and in return to make our own self happy. 



Volunteering For Happiness

Feeding Others makes us happy when we are doing it selflessly . See Below






Deep Hearts to Enjoy

Our Creator would never have made such lovely days, and given us the deep hearts to ENJOY them, above and beyond all thought, unless we were meant to be immortal. – Nathaniel Hawthorne

Unfailing Love

God satisfy us in the morning with His unfailing love, that we may sing for JOY and be GLAD all our days.

God’s Friendship

God’s friendship is the unexpected JOY we find when we reach His outstretched hand. – Janet L. Weaver Smith

Full of Delight

There is no mode of life in the world more pleasing and more full of DELIGHT than continual conversation with God. – Brother Lawrence

Greatest Honor

The greatest honor we can give God is to live GLADLY because of the knowledge of His love. – Julian of Norwich

God’s Glory and Beauty

All God’s glory and beauty come from within, and there He DELIGHTS to dwell.  His visits there are frequent, His conversation sweet, His comforts refreshing, His peace passing all understanding. – Thomas A. Kempis

Chief Desire

The Lord’s chief desire is to reveal Himself to you and, in order for Him to do that, He gives you abundant grace.  The Lord gives you the experience of enjoying His presence.  He touches you, and His touch is so delightful that, more than ever, you are drawn inwardly to Him. – Madam Jean Guyon

Affection and Delight

We are all God’s created beauty and the focus of His affection and delight. – Janet L. Waver Smith

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